She had an outstanding record as County Auditor and understands County finances. As Mayor of Urbana, she created the best working relationship with the Council of any mayor in the previous three decades and figured out practical solutions for tough financial problems. Laurel Prussing would make an excellent Treasurer.
— Esther Patt

Citizen Action, Illinois

Our Revolution, Illinois

The News-Gazette

Jane Anderson, founder of Milo’s

Robin Arbiter, community organizer

Eunice Buckner-Boone, human rights advocate

Bill Brown, Urbana City Council member

Clark Bullard, environmentalist 

Joanne Chester, former Cunningham Township Assessor

Lorraine Cowart, County Board member

Luis Cuza, Human Rights Advocate

Phyllis Clark, former Urbana City Clerk

Vacellia Clark, former director of Human Resources, City of Urbana

Jonathan Ebel, former candidate for Congress

Obdulio Escobar, founder of Escobar’s

Robert Lewis, former Urbana City Council member

Bruce Hannon, environmentalist

Eric Jakobsson, Urbana City Council member

Naomi Jakobsson, former State Representative and former County Recorder

Al Klein, former chair Champaign County Democrats

Mary Klein, teacher of mathematics

Diane Marlin, Urbana Mayor

Esther Patt, former Urbana City Council member

James Quisenberry, Champaign County Board member

Helen Satterthwaite, former State Representative

Charlie Smyth, Urbana City Clerk

Chris Stohr, Champaign County Board member

Stan Summers, former Champaign County Board member

Steve Summers, Champaign County Board member